Bitcoin Casinos UK

Bitcoin casinos refer to online casinos that allow players to use Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to wager and play games. Bitcoin casinos first emerged some few years back when Bitcoin’s (BTC) value began to rise exponentially. Players who had invested in the cryptocurrency were given an opportunity to spend their BTC while at the same time standing a chance to increase their BTC when they landed some wins.

As the value of BTC continued to rise, more and more Bitcoin casinos began to emerge as they sought to get their fair share of the Bitcoin cake. Today, there are dozens of Bitcoin casinos that offer all sorts of casino games from slot machines, poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat to scratch cards. Some even offer betting services where punters can place their bets using BTC. The emergence of other cryptocurrencies looking to compete with or just complement Bitcoin also led Bitcoin casinos to start accepting deposits using other cryptocurrencies. Today, players looking to play in a live Bitcoin casino can do so using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Cardano, Binance Coin and Bitcoin Cash among many others. Crypto casinos may be powered by one software provider or multiple game providers.

Key Benefits of Bitcoin Casinos

Playing at Bitcoin casinos come with numerous advantages. These include:

  1. Reliable and free payment method

    The first thing that players ought to know when it comes to Bitcoin payments is that no fees are incurred. BTC is transferred from one user to another (peer to peer) with no middleman involved hence there are no processing fees as is the case with payments involving fiat currencies. This enables the player to save money which he can then use to increase his wagering float.

  2. Payments are safe and secure

    Payments at Bitcoin casino sites for online gambling are safe and secure as they are peer to peer transactions thereby eliminating the room for hackers and fraudsters to intercept transactions and take the player’s money.

  3. No need to worry about central bank confiscations

    One of the major problems that gamblers have faced over the years is the fact that their gambling transactions are overly checked and if any slight ‘discrepancies’ are noted, the funds are instantly confiscated by the central bank or any other monetary authority. With Bitcoin though, this is not the case as the Bitcoin currency is decentralized hence transactions are not checked by the central bank or any other monetary authority.

  4. Bitcoin casinos enable player anonymity

    Playing at crypto casinos helps to protect the anonymity of the player (that is, for those who want to remain anonymous). All that players need to send which has some semblance to personal information is the email address. However, one can use an alias in creating the email address hence not exposing his personal details. When withdrawing funds, the player simply needs to use his wallet code. This is not the case however with traditional casinos as they require players to forward documentation which acts as proof that they are who they claim to be; this in the process removes player anonymity.

  5. Bitcoin casinos offer lucrative bonuses and promotions

    Running a Bitcoin casino is much cheaper than running a traditional casino. Due to this, casino operators behind Bitcoin casinos tend to offer lucrative bonuses and promotions in comparison to traditional casinos.

Bitcoin games and slots

Players looking to play at top Bitcoin casinos can expect to enter casino lobbies that are full to the brim with top-quality games. The games available cater to the needs of all types of players from those who are into slot machines, those into table and card games as well as those who are into instant play games. The games that players will encounter in the lobbies come in two forms. First, there are those that are specifically designed for BTC wagering meaning there aren’t found in the lobbies of traditional casinos. Secondly, there are those games that can be played both using fiat currency and cryptocurrencies.

Players who would like to play Bitcoin games will first need to purchase some Bitcoins. Purchasing is not the only way that one can earn some BTC but it is the easiest and convenient in comparison to other methods such as Bitcoin mining. To purchase Bitcoins, one will need to open a Bitcoin wallet first. Afterwards, the player will need to head over to a Bitcoin exchange site where he will purchase the BTC that he wants. The player has the opportunity to purchase tiny portions of BTC such as micro-bitcoins or satoshis. Once the player has purchased the amount of BTC that he wants, the next step will be to visit a Bitcoin casino to make a deposit. When all is done, the only thing will be to enter the casino lobby and choose Bitcoin casino slots to play.

Some of the top Bitcoin casino games that players can enjoy when they visit Bitcoin casinos include:

  • Deluxe Platinum Lightning
  • Mega Fortune
  • Mad Scientist
  • Greedy Goblins
  • Fafa Twins
  • Billyonaire

Mobile Bitcoin casinos (iOS and Android)

Most crypto casino sites allow players to use their mobile devices to play Bitcoin games. There are primarily two ways in which players can play Bitcoin games using their mobile devices and these are:

  1. Mobile Apps: The first way that players can enjoy Bitcoin games on mobile is by simply downloading a mobile app. Those using mobile devices running on Android can visit the Google Play Store to download mobile Bitcoin casinos. Those using iOS-powered devices can visit the App Store. Once players have downloaded the app, they will proceed to install it and thereafter start their mobile gaming adventure.
  2. Mobile Web Browsers: Alternatively, players can simply visit their mobile web browser platforms provided they support html5 technology, search for Bitcoin casinos that are compatible with mobile devices and proceed to play any game of their choice and have some fun gaming experience.

Best Bitcoin casinos to play

Having gone through the process of checking the services offered by dozens of Bitcoin casinos, we found the following five casinos to be the best Bitcoin casino sites UK:

  • BitStarz
  • Fortune Jack
  • mBit
  • Cloud Bet
  • Bit Casino


Are Bitcoin casinos licensed?

Yes, there are Bitcoin casinos which are licensed. Gambling companies such as the one in Curacao gambling commission and the Isle of Man do offer licenses to casinos that accept Bitcoin as payment. Before one settles for a Bitcoin casino, there is need however to check if the casino holds a valid gaming license so as not to fall prey to fraudulent casinos.

Is there a limit to how much I can bet?

In general, yes. However, the limit differs from one casino to the other.

Can I gamble on a Bitcoin Casino from my mobile device?

Yes, It’s very much possible to gamble on a Bitcoin casino from a mobile device as most Bitcoin casinos are compatible with mobile devices especially those running on Android or iOS operating systems. Players also have the chance to download Bitcoin casino mobile apps and enjoy a smooth gambling experience on the go.


Bitcoin casinos have grown in popularity in recent year and that popularity has mainly been necessitated by the benefits that Bitcoin casinos have to offer to players. Some of these include enhanced transparency, zero processing fees; a variety of Bitcoin free spins casino games and guaranteed anonymity.