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ReviewOnlineCasinos collects the information from the users that are provided on our website by them. It gives us the right to use the details with your consent. We use information collected from you for the following:

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Cookies are the small pieces of data that is served on your computer that remembers what all you entered while browsing our website. So, our site uses cookies to improve the services we are providing to our customers. We also make sure to enhance our customer’s user experience. For example, our website will show you the latest information when you will return to our website based on your past searches. The users while using our website, are giving their consent to use the cookies. On the other hand, the users can also manage, disable or even delete cookies from the settings of their browser too. The only thing worth noticing is that the restriction of cookies can impact the functionality of the website.

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We collect and utilize your personal data in the following manner:

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